E17: Ken Burgin – How To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool

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Ken Burgin

Ken Burgin


In today’s podcast we have one of my friends and business associates, Ken Burgin. He has been actively involved in a hospitality industry for more than 25 years. He was first the owner of Caffe Troppo in Sydney and then he worked with restaurants, hotels and cafes in an advisory role.

He now has a membership website called Profitable Hospitality and it’s used by business owners and managers all around the world.

One of the things Ken and I often talk about is how he uses Social Media as an important part of his marketing tool kit, which is exactly why I’ve invited him along today to talk to us about how he is using Social Media and in particular how he’s using Twitter as a very important part of what he does with his business.

In the podcast we cover aspects such as:

  • why it is important to use Tiwtter in order to stay up to date
  • how you can use Twitter to establish yourself as the market leader in your niche
  • who to follow and what to do in order to get new followers
  • what to do to have people interacting (answering, commenting, clicking)
  • how to use twitterfeed.com in order to program your tweets’ release
  • how often to tweet and re-tweet news and whether or not you should use the same text for re-tweets.

…and many other useful information that will get your Twitter account up and running in no time!

Must have tools of the week:

  • Hootsuite.com – the automation, the way you can track how many people click on different tweets is very valuable for time-saving.
  • Nutshellmail.com – free service. You can link to the FB & Linkedin pages, etc. Every morning you get an e-mail with anyone who’s mentioned your name, made a comment, etc – a good summary so you can monitor what people say so you can reply quickly.

We also have the question of the week, as usually, and the answer to this one will appeal to any Twitter fan: listen and find out ways to turn Twitter into your personal playfield!


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Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

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5 Responses to “E17: Ken Burgin – How To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool”

  1. Anna Lee

    This is indeed amazing. I would never have thought about using hootsuite or nutshellmail but it seems they work great. thank you Fiona and Ken Burgin – making my life easier each day!

  2. Terry Wilson

    Wow! I mean… can you really do so many things with Tiwtter? To me it seems like a monotonous ‘social website’… I’ll have to take a closer look at it!

  3. Felicia Smith

    Twitter is boring at times, but you are right Fiona, it is really the place where the ‘freshest’ news comes first. This is the main reason why I’m using it – helps me stay up to date with everything in my niche…

  4. Mark Johnson

    Ladies, allow me to disagree. Twitter is one of THE best tools for Social Media. Yes, it’s not very attractive, but you always get the latest news and stay up to date. So what else do you need from it? There’s Facebook for something more… interactive.
    To be honest, Fiona is right when she says that in order to have a complete social media marketing tool kit you cannot survive without Twitter.

  5. Jill Camaro

    Thank you for sharing this info, I know there’s all this much hyped on Twitter media. And I totally use Twitter as one of my marketing channel for my online shopping site. I consider it for ‘Customer Support’, ‘Promotional Info’ and ‘Building Customer/Community Discussion’.

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