Women Are High Value Customers Who Don’t Play Games with Loyalty

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Women are high value customers because once they join your brand, and are happy, they are likely to stay loyal to you. What’s more is women talk a lot to their friends. They talk about what they like and they talk about what they don’t like. 

Tom Peters writes in his book, Re-Imagine . . .

A major stockbroker told me he has oriented his practice toward female clients – with great success. A research nut, he reports that his average male client recommends him to 2.6 others. On the other hand, his women clients recommend him to an average of 21 times to other people. Yes, that’s two-point-six versus twenty-one.”

So you definitely want to keep your female segments happy and loyal. Here are some devices you can use in your marketing right now to ramp it up.

  • Remember, women are primarily interested in community, people, relationships – there is no winner. . . only a village.
  • Women base their opinions on personality whereas men base it on specifics. It makes sense when you go back to our instincts of what is important to a caveman versus cavewoman. Caveman is single-focused in order to procreate his DNA. Cavewoman is multi-focused in order to preserve her children & the security of the village.
  • This makes storytelling very powerful to women. Storytelling works with women AND men.
  • Use the ‘tarket’ model. Women want to know everything about each other so the more you SHARE, the more you sell. “Sex and the City” was entirely marketed to females and pulled in $55.7 million in its opening weekend, knocking “Indiana Jones” off at just $46 million. Women bought out entire theaters and invited their friends. They had “Sex and the City” parties. It was a madhouse.
  • Numbers, facts, and figures aren’t as important to women as they are to men. Women would much rather hear how someone’s life was improved by a product or service than by what percentage. Think about making your copy more story-oriented.
  • Women just don’t care about the mechanical details so spending a lot of time on the features of a product ain’t gonna get our attention. YALE STUDY: Tested college students’ ability to program a VCR from written instructions. 68% of the men did it on the first try. Only 16% of the women did it. My husband thinks I’m joking when I can’t remember how to use one of 5 remotes to work the TV versus the DVD versus the radio versus the Tivo. It’s enough to make my head spin.
  • Women love to weigh in and give our opinions . . . quizzes, contests, surveys, essays . . . we love it! So using interactive media works great to hook women in.
  • Give her tips she can use with no strings attached. So infuse your copy with useful statistics or fascinating facts she can tell her friends. You want to build a relationship over time. Just like dating. You don’t just want to jump into bed . . . well maybe the guy does. But women want to be romanced and trust needs to be built.

  • Know what her values are. Making a difference in the world is a stronger position than looking younger/better (for a male . . . get it?) Women’s aspirations according to the Grey Advertising Study: Make the world a better place; 85%; See kids successful 83%; More time for me 82%; Travel 72%: Wealth 62%; Attractive 53%; Career 48%.

  • Also women like to know your business is out to make a difference. Like to know you’re involved in outreach programs beyond making money. So if you donate to a cause by all means let her know.

Women are extremely loyal. Not only that they tell EVERYONE about their experiences. Good or bad.

If you’ve messed up, the best thing you can do to get her loyalty is great customer service. Customer service is very underrated these days because we’re all so busy. But it’s never been more important.

Offer a discount to give us another try, write a long letter of apology and let them know you want their business back, make them feel cared about and special and you’ve got ‘em.

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Lorrie Morgan Ferrero

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero

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  1. Lisa Hill

    I agree with women are loyal beings and how to market women is a must know. I truly believe that women are a high value customer because of their genuine nature.

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