Ensuring Your Customers Don’t Measure Your Business By Price And Secret Places Where Customer Feedback Is Waiting For You

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00:16 – Charging higher prices than your competitors without losing customers
1:22 – Positioning your business as a premium service
1:56 – How using customer feedback can be used to improve your business
2:20 – The ten best ways to get golden customer feedback

How To Avoid Becoming Caught In A Price War With Your Competitors And The Secrets Behind Getting Rich Custo…

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis is the author of Mumpreneurs Online: EXPOSED, and the founder and principal coach of the Mentoring Mums Online program. Fiona has put together an amazing free gift you can access immediately to discover the 3 Biggest Mistakes that most women make with their online business & how YOU can avoid them. To access this training, click here.

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