How to Write an Online Press Release (Part 1)

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Why and When Should You Write Online Press Releases?

Press Releases are amazing and I personally have a special affinity for them. Hmmm… I can promote my business and my services and this is great – people find out more about me and my activity, but at the same time I get very high quality back links to my websites! Woo-hoo!

And if I can do it, then what’s stopping you from doing it??

By submitting quality press releases to various PR websites, you spread the word about your business. The power of this really lies int he fact that they are written in third person – meaning all your direct quotes position you as an authority within your niche. Even better, if you are planning to offer discounts, coupons, or have an interesting offer for your clients, press releases will be the best means to promote these events!

Where Should You Submit Press Releases?

There is one PR website which is very ‘in’ at the moment, namely The reason why I like PRWeb over other PR sites is that the ‘link juice’ is very strong.

OK, Ok… I know I just used a very geeky term!

But when I talk about link juice I’m talking about the back links that come from high page rank sites. For example PRWeb has a page rank of eight. Each of my press releases can contain anywhere up to 8 to 10 back links the points back to my site.

This this is not where the power stops…

PRWeb syndicates my press release amongst hundreds and sometimes thousands of other news sites and blogs and each publication contains 8-10 links. For example, one of my press releases had over 54,000 publications! AND, each of those publications contained backlinks to my site… [WOW!]. To see a case study click here.

online press release results

Another thing I like about PRweb is that it allows to promote your press releases through social media. You can announce their publishing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and you can also add a small message to appear on Social Networks. How fantastic is that?

Once you’ve gone through all these steps, you will see your PR published the day you scheduled it to be published. Now all the world can find out about your offers and the events that your are hosting!

And even better, by submitting press releases to PR websites you create valuable and quality back links. Two rabbits with one shot, I say!

Another site you can use to distribute Press Releases is WebWire. This is also a good service, but I don’t tend to get as good results as I do through PR Web

Read more about how to write an online press release here.

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

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4 Responses to “How to Write an Online Press Release (Part 1)”

  1. Anna Lee

    oh, wow! Awesome article!
    can’t wait for the second part to go live! I’m so curious and excited about all this news! thank you Fiona!

  2. Terry Wilson

    I personally love prweb! To all those of you who haven’t tried it yet… what are you waiting for? there’s a free version as well so your argument is invalid. :)

  3. Felicia Smith

    I’m not sure about the free version. I really think that a paid version (although it could be a bit expensive at first) would really bring better results than a free one.

  4. Mark Johnson

    I love writing press releases. And I agree with Felicia on this: a free version will never equal a paid one. Yet, it is nice of prweb to have a free version available for those who want to first ‘get the feel’ of it :)

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