Effectively Communicating Your Message to Your Target Market

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We’ve previously talked about how to pick your niche. This time, we’ll help you effectively send out or communicate your brand or business’ message to your target market.

Effectively communicating with your target market helps them to be informed with what you have to offer. It also serves a channel or means for you to interact with them with the hope of building trust and lasting business relationships.

There are a lot of ways you can communicate or deliver your message to your target market. Here are two recommendations that can have a significant impact:

First Impressions Last

With just one look with your blog or website, people immediately get a feel or understanding of what you have to offer. From the domain name, template, design, and images that you use, people unconsciously scrutinize these points to identify if the site would satisfy what they’re looking for.

For example, when visitors arrive at your web site, let them know immediately what you do and why they should care. Far too many web sites shroud their identity in flashy graphics and ambiguous slogans without telling people what the company or person actually does.

View your site through the eyes of a new visitor. Does it spell out exactly what your brand stands for? If not, redesign it so your purpose and identity are unmistakable.

Lead with what you do and the benefits this delivers, not who you are.

You may be surprised to know, but making your company name the most visible element on your home page may not be the most effective way to reinforce your brand. You web copy should state a benefit right off the bat. Which of these paints a clearer identity: The business name “Dog Owner Central” displayed in large letters or the more specific description “Training tips for busy dog owners”?

Content is Key

Verbal content is not only king, it’s the entire kingdom!  Once you have established a good first impression with the look of your site, the web content should be relevant and should be directed to your potential client. It has to show that you know and understand what the client wants and you’re there to provide it.

Even though designers try to squeeze as much graphic impact as they can out of limited bandwidths, what matters most online are the words you use. I don’t buy into the less-is-more, bullet-point mentality of writing for the web. To create fans online, you must deliver useful brand-related information and speak to readers in a conversational tone.

Your web content should be clear and concise to influence your client that you are relevant and the best choice. Otherwise, they’ll just think of you as an option and not the best and ultimate choice.

How about you? What other effective communication ideas do you have in mind? Share us your thoughts in the comments box below.

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis is the author of Mumpreneurs Online: EXPOSED, and the founder and principal coach of the Mentoring Mums Online program. Fiona has put together an amazing free gift you can access immediately to discover the 3 Biggest Mistakes that most women make with their online business & how YOU can avoid them. To access this training, click here.

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27 Responses to “Effectively Communicating Your Message to Your Target Market”

  1. Ianne

    I think apart from improving web design and web content, online presence is also very important. Being available for your audience and attending to their needs as soon as possible is also a key to effective online communication.

  2. Roxy

    Great points! Thanks Fiona! I hope you could share more about online communication in your future posts.

  3. Janice

    Social media networks like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter can also help in effectively communicating your message to your customers or clients. Some people don’t have the time and luxury to read through long posts. Videos, photos, and short but straight-to-the-point status messages can immediately convey what you are trying to stay.

  4. Virginia

    I have created a blog that is really full of pictures. I thought it was good. But then the post seems chaotic. I’m now maximizing on my content than on the pictures. Thank you so much for this post!

  5. Angela

    It’s great that your blog has continuity in its posts. Most blogs nowadays are full of spam and are “keyword-loaded”. I’ve only encountered a few blogs that really has relevant inputs. Keep it up!

  6. Deana

    Your blog itself embodies just what you discussed. Professional and legit-looking interface matched with sensible and relevant content. Great job!

  7. Ciara

    I think another technique on how to effectively communicate your message to your target market is through videos or images. We are visual learners and are more likely grasp and retain info through visual aids.

  8. Faye

    A must-read for those who are thinking of starting their own blog. Thanks Fiona!

  9. Andrea

    I agree that first impressions last! With just one look at the web design, the background, images, and text, one can immediately determine if a site is made for SEO purposes only or for information sharing, and most of us would prefer the latter.

  10. Dora

    When I designed my blog I asked a few independent people to look at it and give me their feedback this allowed me to get opinions from a range of unconnected people.

  11. Eve

    When I designed my website I thought that I was including too much information but I have had success with it so I am guessing that is done well.

  12. Francis

    Thanks for this post Fiona, I have been thinking that my website is not flashy enough but after reading this I now feel that I have designed a good site.

  13. Tanya

    Wow this is the total opposite to the way that I was thinking as I was thinking that a flashy blog was better than one that put across a straight message.

  14. Laura

    What a great post there is a lot of useful information here. I was thought that less was best and flash images were the way to go for a site however after reading this I have now changed my mind.

  15. Cindy

    I just realized, yeah, the tagline really does matter. It says what you can offer to your audience or target market. Great job in putting that out!

  16. Karel

    Same here! Clear, concise, and relevant content never fails to make readers informed and interested. Great job in pointing that out!

  17. Ness

    Great post! I hope you would make a follow-up article on this topic and share more recommendations. Thanks Fiona!

  18. I love being able to read and get some info in a concise manner and not be visually overwhelmed – thanks for the blog. I find no matter what work you do, you have to be interested yourself in what you write to make sure other people are interested. Don’t feel the need to add anything that is just filler. Thanks Fiona I look forward to more of your info :)

  19. Rosie

    I feel that online appearance is very important within the market place nowadays.

  20. Martha

    This site is fantastic as there is so much helpful advice.

  21. Jillian

    Thanks very much for this information Fiona it will certainly come in useful.

  22. Sue

    Great advice and information as usual, Thanks Fiona.

  23. jeannie

    Thanks Fiona. I used to like my flashy full of picture blogs but not I realize that a simple clean minimal and easy to read blog is better. Thanks Fiona

  24. For me, I have had very positive responses to my website – easy to navigate, easy to understand, great feel, fantastic idea – but need to get people to come back and join without being pushy – hints on this area would be great.

  25. Sheryll

    I agree that the content should be given emphasis. It is not the backgrounds and all that will speak about your website but the entire presentation.

  26. Grace

    Great point Bern. I would love to see a post about that too..

  27. Rezza

    I agree that no matter how good your website is, you have to establish online presence to make it work and discoverable.

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