10 Reasons to Start a Membership Site

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Reason #1
Internet & Blogging Millionaires are Moving to the Membership Site Business Model
With the internet and blogging millionaires trying out the membership site business model, you couldn’t help but notice and think that there must be something great about it. As a popular saying goes, “although past performance can’t predict future performance, it’s the best indicator we have.” You may or may not have heard of internet moguls Yaro Starak and Mike Filsame but with their success in their respective online businesses, they must really know what they’re doing.

To know more about these internet marketing moguls, let me give you a short introduction. Let’s start with Yaro Starak. He’s currently one of the most successful individual bloggers online. In 2007, Starak earned more than $200,000 from blogging alone – a feat for bloggers! He shared his success by coaching people on how to setup their own money-making blog through seminars and a special course popularly known as the Blog Mastermind. He currently runs a membership site called the Membership Site Mastermind.

Next is Mike Filsame. For some who may know him, he’s best known for his Butterfly Marketing. He initially introduced the Butterfly Marketing course for a $2,000 fee but later on decided to give it away for free. The catch? The free course is attached to a membership site where they are required to sign up for. Though he didn’t get anything from the course, membership revenues soared to $2.3 million.

Reason #2
Membership Sites are Simple to Set Up
If you’re thinking that setting up your own membership site takes a lot of work, you got that one wrong. With the continuous technological advancements, website development has never been easier. Did you even know that you could use WordPress as the platform for your membership site? Even without much web development know-how, you can easily work around WordPress. You can easily choose themes and plugins such as membership control, forums, chat rooms, as well as video support and you can create your membership site in more or less an hour.

The content of your membership site can come from a hobby or from any specialized knowledge or interest you may have. With timely planning matched with the right membership site software and platform, you can have a membership site up and running over a weekend.

Reason #3
Avoid the Endless Maintenance Nightmare
The greatest challenge in any business is how to achieve customer loyalty which converts to repeat sales. For membership sites, one of the greatest challenges is how to keep your members to come back for more. For mumpreneurs who don’t have all the time in the world, it also means maintenance nightmare.

Thanks to WordPress, memebrship sites nowadays are easier to setup and update. As they say, you can set it up and leave it at that. I, personally, think that this platform is targeted to work at home mums who want to earn extra cash without spending too much time away from the kids. With multiple membership sites, you get to have multiple income streams, multiple platforms for backend affiliate sales, as well as multiple opportunities to interact with your members at your own pace and time.

Reason #4
Membership Sites Add Value to Your Product or Service
With your own membership site, you have your own members or audience that you can reach out to. Your members are already familiar with what you do and what you can offer and if you get to recommend a product or service, they wouldn’t think twice about checking it out. Aside from the usual testimonial or recommendation, adding an ebook, audio, or even video tutorial or demo adds value not only to the product or service but also to you, the affiliate. You can also ask your audience to share their own testimonials or product reviews to make them feel that they are not only a member but also a contributing and integral part of the site.

Reason #5
Membership Sites Work as a Framework for Your Internet Marketing Strategy
Regardless of the online marketing strategy, a membership site is the ideal platform from which you can launch your marketing campaigns. For those who are into affiliate marketing, having a membership site already provides you with a pool of potential buyers or clients for the products or services that you will affiliate. On the other hand, if you’re into article marketing, having a membership site lets you test your articles before you submit them to the directories. With your articles available for viewing, you can get feedback or comments from your audience to help you improve it.

Reason #6
Membership Sites Allows You to Share Relevant & Interesting Content
Being a work from home mum, you would also want to share relevant and interesting business and parenting tips in your membership site. By relating your personal and professional experiences already makes your content unique. However, let’s face it. People absorb more info through visual presentations rather than reading long full-text paragraphs. You can creatively share your web content through podcasts, videos, tutorials, demos, or even webinars in your community. At the same time, community members can also creatively share responses.

Reason #7
Membership Sites Allows You to Apply Web 2.0 Strategies
For a membership site to be profitable in the long-run, it has to build a solid and lasting relationship with its members. Communication is key to building that customer loyalty. With today’s technological advancements and web 2.0 knowledge, communicating to your audience has never been easier. Membership site platforms have made it easier for work from home staff to add features and functions through easy drag-and-drop widgets or plug-ins. You can add an events calendar, blog, social media feed, or even a chat box to keep your audience informed, updated, and engaged. With the good business rapport and relationship that you have built, surely, members will support, come back, and even refer you.

Reason #8
A Membership Site is a Profitable Business Contacts Database
Work from home mums have limited social and business face-to-face interactions that’s why having a membership site is a great way in building your own business contacts database. Membership sites ask for the usual basic information, name, email address, and other relevant contact information. With these information, you can deliver content, promos, and other notifications too help you bridge the gap with your members.

Reason #9
Membership Sites Provide Reliable and Steady Income
For mumpreneurs who are looking into and are interested in venturing new business opportunities, membership sites provide a reliable and steady income. To make this happen, you also have to give back and value the trust that the members of your community gave you. As mentioned, building customer loyalty can keep them coming back and renewing their membership. When people sign up for your membership site, they actually give you permission to take credit from their account in the future. Through the help of a membership site software, initial and renewal payment collections are automated which makes it easier on your part.

Reason #10
Mumpreneurs Best Understand the Value of Membership Sites
If you’re thinking that you’ll earn big bucks overnight by starting a membership site, well, you got that wrong! Unless you won the lottery, you won’t get millions just by lounging around and doing nothing. If you own a membership site and your members aren’t satisfied with what you have to offer, they won’t come back, they won’t renew their membership, and they won’t recommend you. Your membership site will fail. Successful membership site owners provide continuous and consistent value-added service to their to their community members. Being a working mum, you of all people know that everything bought should be valued to what it’s really worth. Value-added perks and services make you come back for more and even refer it to your family and friends.

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

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    I’ve been working on internet marketing for quite some time and I must say, mums out there should grab the chance that membership sites “market” is not that much crowded. Less crowded = less competition = more opportunities. Given more time, like the SEO/SEM trend, membership sites will soon boom and it would be great if work at home mums are already a part of this. Thanks for sharing Fiona!

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    Your last reason said it all! As they say, mothers know best. Nobody would have known “best value” other than us, mums. Kudos!

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    I think on a business perspective, one would really have a lot to gain from membership sites. However, on the customers’ perspective, one might think twice before giving out their personal and credit card info. With all the scams as well as phishing cases, one really has to make their membership site look legit and legal.

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  23. Hi Fiona,
    Great post! One of the most important things when building a membership site is unique content. People won’t pay for content they can get online for free, and if the site’s owner don’t won’t them to cancel their subscription after only one month then he must deliver top quality content to his members.
    Bob Tolbert recently posted..Wishlist Member is Celebrating 4 Years and You Get the Presents

  24. I’m really keen to help out my fab Aussie artists to get their Original Australian Art out into the world and onto peoples walls that will appreciate it. Right now I am researching how to incorporate Art Me Gallery into a membership site so I can continue my quest. Thanks for this helpful information. It has given me the confidence to proceed.

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