4 Reasons Why You Should Love CommentLuv Blogs

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For those who are not familiar with the CommentLuv blogs, these are WordPress-hosted blogs that have installed the CommentLuv plugin. Placing a CommentLuv plugin in your WordPress – hosted blog is a way of rewarding your blog readers by automatically placing a link to their latest blog post when they comment in your blog articles or posts.

Here are some reasons why CommentLuv blogs have become very popular and worth reading.

Reason #1

Improves Site Traffic

Once you register your blog at ComLuv, the home or network of CommentLuv blogs, your blog gets easier to find through ComLuv’s search feature which allows users to find CommentLuv-enabled blogs. The more users go through your posts, stay on your page, and put relevant comments and links, the more traffic you have.

This is vital, especially with the recent Panda and Penguin changes to the Google algorithm. Google is looking for interaction on your pages and takes notice of how long people stay on your site. The longer you can keep them there, the more valuable your site will seem in the ‘eyes’ of Google!

Reason #2

Easier to Filter Relevant Comments from Spam

With all the spammers out there, blog commenting has been abused which made bloggers to be very critical in flagging and rejecting spam comments. With the plugin, comments from CommentLuv members are flagged and easily identified because it comes with the CommentLuv heart icon.

Reason #3

Builds Community Reciprocation

Through the CommentLuv plugin, you get to know which commenter belongs to the ComLuv community as well as their relevant and most recent blog post. That way, you get a link to a relevant post where you can comment on in return.

Reason #4

Builds ‘deep links’ to your website

You can use Comment Luv blogs to build backlinks to your own blog posts. Identify high page rank blogs in your niche that have the Comment Luv plugin installed and start commenting on their posts! Of course, always make sure you add value by posting meaningful comments. Building backlinks this way is deemed ‘natural’ by search engines such as Google and will also help you to develop a portfolio of ‘deep links’ to your site (another things that Google likes!)

Comment Luv BlogsNow you know a little bit more about CommentLuv and why you should consider it for your blog, the question now is, “How can I find CommentLuv blogs?

To start with, go to The ComLuv Network and type in the search box the keyword, keyphrase, niche or topic that you want to comment on. ComLuv will generate CommentLuv blogs that fall in that niche, discussed or have written something about that topic, or have a post tagged with the keyword or keyphrase that you searched for.

Click on the results, read on, and comment!!

[yes, you can try it out below to see how it works!!]


Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

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  1. Trina


    It creates a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone..

  2. I completely agree. I have commentluv installed on every blog I moderate, and it’s a wonderful tool!
    Melissa recently posted..A Purse That Helps Fight Cancer? YES!

  3. Hi Fiona!

    Great article with some compelling reasons why Comment Luv is the best comment plugin! I love your tip number 3! When others comment on my blog and leave their Twitter handle, I can then follow them over there, expanding on the conversation across social networks!
    Thanks again!
    Lisa recently posted..Use Facebook Hashtags to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

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