Fiona Lewis

Welcome to Mumpreneurs Online!

Let me introduce myself and tell a little bit about how this blog came about…

My name is Fiona Lewis and despite what you may be tempted to think, my story is not extraordinary. I am sure I am not that different you or to the many women I meet who are looking at ways of earning money in an online business from home. Most women I know share similar hopes and dreams of somehow managing to cleverly combine family life with working life in order to buy a home, spend time with our children and ‘live happily ever after.’

Perhaps the only real difference is that I experienced a sudden and tragic change in my personal circumstances that dictated an urgent need to start earning BIG money for our family and to do it fast! Having young children meant that it was absolutely necessary to work from home and care for them and, as it turned out, for my husband as well… I’ll go into that a bit later. The point is, I suddenly had to rise to the challenge at hand and learn very quickly how to propel myself forward into a successful online career. Suffice to say, I went on a very stressful and very steep learning curve.
BUT the good thing is YOU don’t have to go through what I went through to get the same results!

You can earn the rewards without the tragedy. I am here to share with you the knowledge, skills and business acumen needed to get yourself up and running in a successful online business from home.

I will firstly give you a little of my background so that you can see how much I really am like you and your friends with young families. I trained as a primary school teacher and was lucky enough to gain experience in both Australian and overseas schools. I was very competent at what I did and was always looking for new and exciting ways to teach. During the late 90’s, the Internet emerged in classrooms and I was excited about this new medium as a learning and teaching tool.

I impressed teachers and parents alike when I started engaging my Kindergarten children in creating e-books. It’s true I managed to teach myself to write Javascript as part of this process but this in itself is nothing startling. I did it through reading, understanding and practise. You could do it too if you had the inclination, patience, tenacity and drive. In fact that’s all you need to be successful at most things – starting your own business from home is no different.

My experience with the Internet awoke an entrepreneurial spirit within me.

Inspired, I raced off to University (again) to gain my Masters Degree in Education. I chose to major in Management and Human Resources because whilst I was undoubtedly passionate about teaching, my experience with the Internet had ignited a passion in me that saw my future career path lying well beyond the confines of the classroom.

I wanted to work where there were no walls or boundaries and the Internet was beckoning…

In 2002 and part-way through studying my Masters degree I gave birth to my first son. Like any new mother I was happy and grateful to have had 12 months maternity leave but was somewhat keen to get back into the workforce again. As nature would have it, within a few months of returning to work I fell pregnant again and we decided that the best thing for our two young sons would be for me to stay home with the children.

We were going along OK, but our dreams of owning our own home seemed to be almost beyond reach on one income so I set about trying to work in the home around my children. I tried family day care, MLM and Tupperware but nothing ‘sat well’ with me. There was always this niggling restlessness within me that I could somehow do ‘more’. Falling back on the familiar, I went back into teaching in 2007 where I knew I was good at what I did, enjoyed it immensely and it paid pretty well.

But, I was soon very TIRED! Leaving home at 7:00am and arriving again at 6:00pm was ridiculous. I was exhausted and the kids were cranky. I could barely summon enough energy to give my children the kind of care and attention I had always promised myself I would do – despite perhaps difficult circumstances. I cringed when they asked me to share stories with them and I heard myself saying,

“Mummy’s tired” or “Not now honey”

I asked myself, ‘was that really me speaking??” I was appalled and horrified at the thought of losing those intimate moments with my children and just about at my wits end as to what to do about it. With both my husband and I working full time we were chasing our tails trying to get ahead, but all the time falling further and further behind. Something had to give. Sure enough, nature intervened again and we learned our third child was due later that year. I stopped teaching pretty soon after that and began to prepare myself mentally for the task of raising what would now be a family of three young boys!

It was 2008 and I was more determined than ever to find something I could do from home. It’s strange how the universe answers you sometimes, because in April that year I bumped into a childhood friend whom I had not seen for many years.

As we chatted about what was going in our lives, he mentioned that he had become a successful Internet marketer. It didn’t take long for me to discover that he was being quite humble about his success. When I did a little bit of digging on the Internet, it became apparent that he was an EXTREMELY successful Internet marketer – amongst the top in the world, in fact!

I asked him if he would share with me some of what he knew. I keenly attended his Internet Marketing Workshops and my eyes were opened to the secrets of attracting traffic and gaining front page ranking in Google, amongst other exciting things! He began training me in the field and although it was a challenge, it was one I was determined to master and conquer!

It was later that same year, however, that tragedy struck. Just one week before the birth of my 3rd son, my husband was involved in serious accident at work. He had always prided himself on leading a very physical and active life both at work and home, so to find himself suddenly incapacitated was absolutely devastating.

We were now in an extremely vulnerable family situation. There was me – hormonal and tired having just given birth to our newborn son, my two other young children running about the place and my husband in desperate need of my love and support and sadly, unable to work. The situation had the potential to be dire but I was determined to pull all our resources together and make it work. I actually had no choice. I simply had to be successful in working from home. It’s true that necessity is the mother of invention!

I continued training through my friend, who later became my mentor and learnt very quickly how to prepare the ground for my new business venture. After I had acquired some knowledge I began to talk to friends and acquaintances about what I was doing. It wasn’t long before people were asking me for advice or to help them get their websites up and running or at least working more effectively. Within the first 9 months of starting out online, I was earning more than I could have ever earned working as a teacher.

However, after countless conversations with other Mums who were also trying to find a way to make their working life fit seamlessly around their family life, it became clear to me what my path was…
I had to help other Mums. I had to show other mums the way to relieve financial stress and negate parenting pressures by developing a business they could run from the internet in the comfort of their own home and in their own time.

I seized the opportunity I recognised in filling this niche and worked methodically and diligently, over two years, burning the candle at both ends to achieve a solid business model. It soon became apparent that although I was doing well at marketing websites, I also needed expertise other Internet business models. Rather than trying to do everything myself, (perhaps a first for me!) I gathered a team of experienced people around me and…

Mumpreneurs Online…was born

…A blog designed to share information about making money on the Internet – specifically targeted towards women. There will be tutorials and videos, “how to’s” and “what not to do’s”… There’s a lot in store.

So, bookmark this page and make sure you return so that you can take part in the exciting developments. Enjoy!